You have four options for applying for assistance.
  • BEST OPTION: The nearest CG unit. If you are located within 60 miles of a CG unit, you are required to work with their CGMA representative. Click here to find the CGMA representative nearest to you. NOTE: If you are near a CG unit, you may NOT use the American Red Cross nor the other service aid societies.
  • If you are located more than 60 miles away from a CGMA unit, you may use the local American Red Cross. They will work with CGMA to provide you the assistance needed.
  • If you are located near a DoD military base, they may have a relief or aid office that can assist you. CGMA works with the agencies below. If you live near one of their bases, please check their website to determine if there is one located near where you live:

    Army Emergency Relief (AER) www.armyemergencyrelief.org
    Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) www.nmcrs.org
    Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) www.afas.org
  • If you are not near any of these other resources, you may contact CGMA Headquarters directly for assistance. The best way to do this is to email your application and all required documentation to Assistance@cgmahq.org.


You need to complete Form CGMA 5R. You must complete both pages of the form completely. You must also provide supporting documentation, as well as proper ID.


For further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions CGMA-HQ.