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With transfer season upon us, CGMA wants to help make any incoming/outgoing Representative transitions as easy as possible. 

Removing a Representative/Assistant Representative:

When a Representative/Assistant Representative is leaving your unit, please contact CGMA-HQ at to let us know to remove the individual from the contact list, our personnel list, and the case management program. 

If the Representative/Assistant Representative is on the bank signature card (pdf) , please create, scan, and email a new signature card with only the current signers on the account. 

Also, please designate a new POC for your unit if the person leaving is your current point of contact. 

Adding a Representative/Assistant Representative:

To add a new Representative, please refer to the "Information for New Reps" page.

All of the information a new Representative needs can be found here, between forms needed to be established as a CGMA Representative, general information, reference guides, and power points.


In order to be activated in the case management program, CGMAHQ will need to receive the following information for the incoming Representative:

Designation letters

  • For the Representatives the designation letter will be prepared on request by CGMA-HQ

  • For Assistant Representatives the designation letter (pdf) will be prepared by the unit Representative

Additional information: Additional information about Representatives and Assist Representatives can be found under Chapter 2-F of the CGMA manual.

You give valuable time to assist CGMA clients and it is much appreciated!

Please let CGMA-HQ know (703) 875-0404 or toll free (800) 881-2462 or email: if there is any way we can support your efforts as you serve your shipmates through CGMA.