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The purpose of the CGMA PCS Child Care Expense Reimbursement program is to provide financial assistance to Active Duty and ADOS Reserve members who are faced with increased out of pocket costs subsequent to PCS orders which required a Government funded move of House Hold Goods (HHG). Child care needs while packing/unpacking or during other times while attending to relocation responsibilities may contribute to financial hardship for junior officers and enlisted members.

The PCS Child Care Reimbursement is open to Regular Coast Guard Active Duty and ADOS Reserve members in paygrades E6 and below, O-2 and O-1. The reimbursement may not exceed the documented costs of the child care services or $150 per child, 12 and under, whichever is less. The reimbursement will be for actual costs of the child care service needed as a direct result of PCS orders with a Government authorized and funded shipment of HHG.

When the costs are not covered by other sources, assistance under this program may be provided for child care services provided as follows:

small blue button Children must be 12 or under on the date(s) the service is provided.

small blue button The service must be provided within 60 days prior to departure, and/or within 60 days of reporting to the new permanent duty station.

small blue button The service may be provided by either a commercial day care (as selected by the member), or by a non-commercial source such as a neighbor or friend. (NOTE: When using a non-commercial source, reimbursement is not authorized if the provider is a family member. In this instance family member includes parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.)

small blue button Reimbursement is limited to $150 per child, for a maximum of three children. Each family is limited to a cumulative total of $450 per calendar year.

small blue button Applications for reimbursement must include either a receipt (if a commercial source was used) or a signature from the person who provided the service indicating the full amount paid. A space for this signature will be provided on the application form.

small blue button A copy of the PCS orders which indicate a HHG move at government expense must be included. Reservists must include a copy of their ADOS orders as well.

Note: This program does not indicate approval or recommendation of any particular source or means of child care. Responsibility for this selection rests solely with the client.

The CGMA Executive Director is the approving authority for all CGMA PCS Child Care Reimbursements. Clients requesting this must submit a PCS Child Care Expense application (CGMA Form 9), along with receipts or other suitable documents showing the costs of qualifying service to CGMAHQ.

Applications for the CGMA Child Care Reimbursement must be submitted within six months of the date the expense is incurred.