Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Forms and Applications

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The following forms have been adopted for use by CGMA.
Forms are available to download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.
Note: CG Cyber Security measures may prevent you from opening pdf forms directly. You can right-click on the form link and select "Save Target As" you can save the forms and then open them. Contact CGMA-HQ if you have any questions.
"We Look After Our Own"


  • Quick Loan Application
  • Application for Special Needs Grant
  • Application for Assisted Reproductive Technology Loan
  • Spouse Professional Requirements upon PCS
  • Application for Assistance
  • Retirees and Annuitants
  • Application for Disaster Assistance
  • Application for Disaster Grant and/or Conversion of Disaster Loan into a Grant
  • Check Log
  • Application for CGMA Layette
  • Application for CGMA Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Refund
  • PCS Child Care Reimbursement
  • Application for CGMA Supplemental Education Grant (SEG)
  • Application for Education Loan
  • Application for Breast Milk Shipment Reimbursement
  • Application for Baby Formula Shipment Reimbursement
  • Education Advocate Grant
  • Budget Form
  • Pre-Authorization Form
  • Disapproval/Appeal Statement
  • RAISE Grant
  • Overseas Rental Car Assistance (ORCA)