Kids and CG Helo

Program Information

Mr. Charles Rose, a Navy veteran and CG Auxiliarist, provided CGMA a generous bequest to be used to assist programs aimed at furthering interest in civilian aviation as well as pilot training programs. This program is intended to focus on introducing youth to a broad array of aviation opportunities through financial support for age-appropriate, aviation-focused educational and experiential activities. It seeks to leverage the use of existing sources of civilian and military educational, technical, and professional aviation-related facilities and resources consistent with Coast Guard Mutual Assistance grant guidelines. RAISE strives to enhance the opportunity to target youth populations to gain exposure to and connect with existing, vetted aviation-related programs. In general, the target youth population would be actively enrolled in either high school (10th, 11th, 12th grade) or college.

Funds are available to facilitate ancillary costs for transportation, refreshments and other minor miscellaneous items. Possible uses of the funds include:

2 hour, visit to local Coast Guard Air Station [does not have to be after school]

Support funding to attend local Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) events

Support funding to attend local aviation professional events

Support funding to visit local educational institutions offering aviation-related courses

Support funding to visit civilian aviation facilities

Additional Information

Requests are limited to $3000/event, and requested using CGMA Form 18 through a local CGMA representative, unit or professional or affinity organization.

All requests shall be approved by CGMA HQ.