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Moving should be an adventure not a headache.
Help from CGMA is the smart move.

For the Home

    Rental Assistance: For help moving into a new apartment (First &Last Month's rent/Security Deposit)

    Closing Costs: For personnel purchasing homes

    DLA Supplemental: To assist with unexpected but necessary local moves

    PCS Incidentals Loan: For unexpected costs that accompany a PCS move

For Transportation

    OCONUS Car Rental Loan: To assist with car rental while waiting for your POV to arrive

    Vehicle Shipment Loan: To assist with shipping your car

    Vehicle Repair Loan: Help with costs to fix a car

For the Family

For Education

    Education Loan: For any students in the family pursuing a college degree Help getting ready to go back to school, and help while in school, over 80 subject areas

    Education Advocate Grant: For dependents required to undergo evaluation for IEP or IFSP

    Spouse Professional Requirements Loan: For costs associated with transferring professional accreditation from one state to another