Single family home


Housing assistance may be provided to help with settlement charges when purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home, or for deposits when renting, assistance may also be provided for the cost of establishing utilities.

Closing Costs

Intended to help Coast Guard personnel, who would otherwise be unable to purchase a home, who wish to sell their house due to poor market conditions, or who wish to refinance a mortgage on their home to obtain lower interest rates or lower monthly payments, by providing a loan to help pay for settlement charges (not down payment) associated with purchasing or selling a primary residence, selling a former primary residence, or refinancing a residence which is either their current or former primary residence.


Intended to help clients obtain housing without undue financial hardship. Assistance may be provided when the client has a demonstrated financial need for assistance after all government entitlements have been utilized.


When establishing a new residence, assistance may be provided for utility (electric, gas, water, sewer), telephone, TV and cable deposits and installation charges for clients who have a demonstrated need for assistance.