House on fire

Examples of Authorized Assistance

Assistance under this provision is generally authorized for food, shelter, utilities and necessities to prevent privation when personal funds were used for an emergency, unforeseen circumstance or other legitimate purpose which created a hardship that prevented the client from having sufficient funds to pay for their own basic needs.

Assistance may be considered to aid with emergency home repairs when clients are facing major, unexpected, emergency repairs beyond their financial ability. Emergency repairs must be essential to the well being of the family.

Assistance may be considered for necessary travel, food, lodging and incidental expenses, including childcare in some circumstances, associated with emergency travel due to the death or serious illness of the CGMA sponsor or a family member (along with other emergency travel situations that are unplanned and unexpected) when reasonable costs remain causing a serious financial burden on the client after other forms of assistance have been exhausted.

Assistance may be considered to help with immediate needs when a client or their immediate family members are affected by a disaster. The disaster may affect only a few individuals such as a house or apartment fire; or an entire community, such as a flood, tornado, or hurricane. While CGMA cannot act as an insurance company, CGMA can provide assistance to help our clients through the disaster and reestablish their normal lifestyle with items not provided for by the Coast Guard, other government agencies, insurance coverage, the American Red Cross or other relief organizations.

Assistance may be considered to help defray the cost of a modest dignified funeral for the CGMA sponsor or an immediate family member when reasonable costs remain after other forms of assistance have been exhausted causing a serious financial burden. Other forms of assistance may include personal resources, SGLI, other government and private insurance, Veterans Administration and other various government benefits, which may be available.

Assistance may be considered to aid with the hardship caused by the theft or loss of funds (cash, checks, and money orders) along with the loss of property that cause an emergency situation, provided the loss has been reported to the proper authorities; police, insurance company, Commanding Officer, etc., or if the CGMA Representative is able to verify the client's claim of loss.

Assistance due to the loss of funds or property will be considered to help meet specific emergency financial needs and not necessarily replace the full amount of the claimed loss.

Assistance may be considered for food, temporary lodging, and incidental expenses when a client demonstrates a need for such assistance because of an emergency or when an unexpected event has caused a serious financial burden, and assistance is not available from other sources.