Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue

Program Information

Disaster assistance will be provided in the order of priority indicated, subject to the availability of funds and financial need

It must be recognized that CGMA is not in a position to cover losses due to lack of adequate insurance coverage, the failure of an insurance company to settle claims, or to bridge the gap between pre-disaster property values and insurance recoupment

CGMA does not provide assistance for major structural loss

Assistance will normally be limited to $3,000 per client/family. Where a need exists for greater amounts, approval must come from CGMA-HQ

Loans and Repayment


During these extraordinary times, to meet the client's immediate financial need, CGMA will provide the client with an interest-free loan and then at a later date, when more specific data and information are available, determine whether the financial assistance should be a loan, grant or a combination of grant and loan.


In these situations, the start of any interest-free loan repayment is deferred until some point in the future. This provides time for the situation to stabilize and for reimbursement entitlements to be determined, allowing CGMA to objectively assess an individual's true out-of-pocket losses and financial needs.

Converting a Loan Into a Grant

While CGMA would like to see those affected made whole, even agencies of the federal government and major charities do not have sufficient funds to cover every individual's actual losses.

CGMA's disaster assistance priority for losses and expenses not reimbursed by other sources is:

Priority 1 - Emergency disaster assistance for basic living expenses to prevent privation (lack of food, shelter or clothing) and temporary home repairs to prevent further damage.

Priority 2 - Basic household setup/re-establishment, personal property items and other emergency needs.