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The CGMA Breast Milk Shipment (BMS) reimbursement program is open to:

All Active Duty Members including PHS Officers and Chaplains attached to the Coast Guard. Traveling TDY or PCSing.

Reservists on ADOS, ADT, IDT.

Spouses of Active Duty and Reservists on ADOS, IDT, and ADT.

CG Civilian Employees.

Program Information

Grants totaling $750 may be provided per family per 12 Months period. No limit on the number of shipments. Equipment to assist with the transportation of breast milk supply as part of a PCS move is also authorized.

The deployment, underway period, TDY or business trip must be longer than 72 hours.

Applications must be submitted within 60 days of return from deployment or a business trip. Members on cutters must submit it within 60 days of return to homeport.

Spouses must verify that they shipped the milk while traveling on business for their job or transported the milk as part of a PCS move.

Additional Information

Clients shall submit a Breast Milk Shipping application (CGMA Form 12) directly to their local CGMA representatives (no command endorsement is required), along with receipts or other suitable documents showing shipping costs.

Eligible members on extended periods away from home (generally anything longer than 60 days) may have a responsible family member back home apply for the reimbursement. In this case a scanned copy of the receipt will suffice.