Empowering Survivors with a Fresh Start

On average, it takes a person 7 attempts to leave an abusive relationship for good. A contributing factor is a lack of resources. Survivors are often financially dependent on their abusive partner or have previously been denied opportunities to work, a place to sleep on their own, language assistance, or a network to turn to during moments of crisis. These factors can make it seem impossible for someone to leave an abusive situation.

There is help.

The Safe Harbor Program provides essential funds to prevent privation by offering a combination of grants and interest-free loans as needed for shelter, food, transportation, and childcare costs while enrolling in the Transitional Compensation program.

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If you are a victim of intimate partner abuse or need help with feeling safe online or in your relationship, contact your local Work-Life Field Office,Family Advocacy Program, at 202-475-5100. A Family Advocacy Specialist is available to offer free and confidential support, counseling, safety planning, and resources.

Requests for assistance can be directed to
Jessica Manfre, CGMA Case Manager at or 571-438-9501

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