OCONUS Rental Car Assistance

Program Information

A loan of up to $1000 may be issued to members who have reported to a new PDS OCONUS to assist with renting a car while waiting for their POV to arrive.

The loan is limited to $1000. Members are encouraged to ask only for the amount they think they need.

Loans may be made only after a member reports aboard PCS at their OCONUS duty station.

Members must apply for the loan within 60 days of reporting to their new duty station.

UNDER NO CONDITIONS shall this loan be issued prior to a member reporting aboard OCONUS.

This program is NOT available to members stationed INCONUS.

This loan is available to all active duty and civilian personnel reporting to a new duty assignment OCONUS.

Additional Information

Clients requesting this must submit an ORCA (CGMA Form 19) to their local CGMA representative. A copy of their PCS orders shall be submitted along with the application.

FORM CGMA-19 (https://www.cgmahq.org/repInfo/forms/CGMA_19.pdf)

Note: Funds may be disbursed by check or electronic disbursement (Zelle).