Board of Directors

CGMA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD), is the governing body of Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Members include:

  • Ex Officio members include the Commandant of the Coast Guard, the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources and the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
  • Other members are elected to ensure the membership of the BOD represents all segments of the Coast Guard family

Ex-Officio Members

Admiral Linda L. Fagan
Linda L. Fagan
M. W. (Joe) Raymond
M. W. (Joe) Raymond
Rear Admiral
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
Heath B. Jones
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
CMC Salls
Alternate for MCPOCG
Charlie F. Salls
Command Master Chief
Rear Admiral (Ret) Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Cari Thomas, CAE
Rear Admiral, USCG (Retired)

Elected Members

Commissioned Officer (O-5 & Above)
Eva Van Camp
Captain, USCG
Commissioned Officer (O1-O4)
John-Andrew Minniti
Lieutenant Commander,USCG
Commissioned Officer (O1-O4)
Emily Trudeau
Warrant Officer (W2-W4)
Darien Moya
Chief Warrant Officer, USCG
Chief Petty Officer
MECM William Kelly
Command Master Chief,USCG
Enlisted (E4 thru E6)
BM1 Benjamin N. Lind
Petty Officer First Class, USCG
Enlisted (E-6 or Below)
Pedro Gonzalez Soto
Petty Officer Second Class, USCG
Patrick Pennella
Lieutenant, USCGR
Medical/TRICARE Specialist
Shannon Reck
Lieutenant Commander,USCG
IT/Cyber Specialist
Daniel Trimble
Lieutenant Commander, USCGR
Work-Life Specialist
Kenneth Weber
Civilian Employee
Civilian Employee
Mr. Christopher Mack
John C. Baker
Chief Warrant Officer,USCG (RET)
Mike Philipps
Auxiliarist,USCG Aux
Mrs. Victoria Hale
Enlisted Person's Spouse
Margaret Parker
Commissioned Officer's Spouse
Alternate for CPO (E7-E9)
Lazaro Lopez
Chief Petty Officer,USCG
Alternate for Enlisted (E4-E6)
Andrew Stoddard
Petty Officer First Class, USCG